Two nudes

Here’s a new piece for a group show at Artists House next month, trying some cool and muted colors…

“Pale Stockings”, 13.5×17, oil on board

and one more, for no reason at all:

“Hush”, 12×16, oil on board

About DavePalumbo

I'm a freelance illustrator working mainly in the F/SF genre. Most often I'm either painting book covers or gaming cards.

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  1. Beautiful Dave! I love those muted tones, you did them well. Really Lovely. :)
    I think her and my backside look similar, very classic looking bodies, and skin tones.

  2. ^ oh my!


    These are great -I’m with Tiffers….love the muted tones and this new freedom you have with the textured BG’s. Rockn

  3. devin platts says:

    I really love those textured backgrounds!!

  4. afan says:

    dat ass, dave. dat. ass.

  5. JosefKn says:

    awesome man! those flesh-tones make my head spin!

  6. Very nice… love the one with the boots.

  7. oyo says:

    You make me swing everytime man !

  8. animabase says:

    It is really lovely oil paintings.
    Color is really nice.

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