Hey guys! Always inspiring to see the range of work here!!!

Here are a few drawing/sketches I’ve been messing with:






take care,


About Francis Vallejo

I really enjoy making pictures.

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  1. Dian3 says:

    excellent sketches Francis!


  2. Beautiful sketches Francis.

    Like the first one a lot.

  3. Rebeccak says:

    Lovely sketches!

  4. Fabianv says:

    That’s beautiful,

    Well done! I like the first one the most. How often do you do these life studies?

  5. Cody Tilson says:

    Nothing but love here, thanks for posting homeboy.

  6. Kian says:

    Fantastic sketches man. Well done :)

  7. chupacabra says:

    Nice face on the first one, Francis!

  8. redehlert says:

    these are simply gorgeous figure studies and the last panel is a riot!
    thanks for sharing these!

  9. Nonie says:

    Good lord man. Excellent stuff.

  10. Daniol says:

    Very nice man ! I saw your entry in the spectrum 14 (yeah im slow…) and was surprised by it. Good work, keep working man !

  11. tamara says:

    hey I enjoyed your sketches they are fantastic. I am from Uruguay South America I am studing art and your work inspired me specially the almost naked woman which I liked the most. Great work I hope I can see more of your sketches soon.

  12. tamara says:

    I really liked the naked woman it is an amazing piece of work really goood.

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