Sketchbook dump

Hey gang! Here’s a bunch of raw stuff from my trusty sketchbook, they’re basically studies of photos I come across the interwebs while browsing some of my favorite bizarre and vintage-stuff blogs. Last one is an ArtRage study of an N C Wyeth, trying to figure out his badass use of shadow welding. Hope ya dig!











About Federico Piatti

I'm a freelance illustrator from Argentina currently based in Toledo, Spain. Some of my clients include: Wizards of the Coast, National Geographic Learning, White Wolf, Boom! Studios, Stone Arch Books, Fantasy Flight Games, World Around Records. Selected publications: Spectrum 18 (Underwood Books), Gorilla Artbook Vol.1 (CFSL Ink), Botobit Volume One.

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  1. Mark Molnar says:

    Hey Federico,
    Great stuff overall, but your b&w line work is simply amazing!
    More pls – moooore! <:)

  2. Federico my good friend- you just keep getting more confident in everything you do. It is awesome to see. I want your awesome sauce . Wait—that sounds wrong…

  3. void says:

    Beautiful sketches, I love how you capture the gesture in so few lines.

  4. Ben Foster says:

    Aaaaaah…. Fed. How I love your inkwork…. I could stare at this stuff for hours. You are getting too good!!

  5. chupacabra says:

    You are becoming inredibly versatile, my dear friend! These are awesome!

  6. C.R.MacTernan says:

    These are great! I love your style very much. Nice work m’man!

  7. Clo says:

    These are beautiful Fed, i especially love that guy with his glass, for some reason it really speaks to me. I can picture the rest of the mood very well, you really catched the moment.

  8. cakeypigdog says:

    wonderful mix of lines in your sketches. Lovely stuff.

  9. Hai, thanks a lot for the kind words dudes and dudettes :D

    @Mark: thanks a ton. I’m planning to put together a simple mini-book with a selection of my b&w work, you’ll find out if I finally get around to it :)

    @Scott: thanks for the love Scotto, you can have all the mansauce you want o_O

    @Adam: thx dude, I’m glad you dig that because it’s one of my main concerns when doing this type of studies

    @Ben: hey Ben, thank you so much, but don’t stare at my crap for too long or your eyes will start bleeding :P

    @Kan: hey bro, thanks for the love!

    @Christine: well thank you miss :D

    @Clo: ha, nothing can go wrong when one draws hipster, can it? :P Glad you dig it Clo

    @teem: Tiiiimmmmm! Dunno what to say, erm, moobies? :P

    @devin: in an extremely erotic way? ‘Cause I’d be extremely disappointed if that wasn’t the case :P

    @cakey: thanks a million mate!

  10. Awesome Fed. I really dig all these :)

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