Self-Awareness Day

Hey sapiens. Here’s an oil self portrait in the moleskine, and a lil’ bit of angsty poetry thrown in there for you too :D It came out of listening to Saul Williams while bogged down with a bad job – a dangerous combo. There’s a reference or two to his stuff in there too (metaphor, what else are we living for). Its pretty much me making a verbal statement to myself about the importance of dedicating the lion’s share of my time to real art, even if it means taking a hit in career or comfort. Its kind of funny, its no shakespearian sonnet and I wrote it train of thought without stopping to analyse it – but when i re-read it it starts to take on more layered meanings that i hadn’t originally thought about, that are dead on observations of ‘where I’m at’. When that happens I usually take it as a ‘sign’ that my thinking and actions and intentions are beginning to realign, for the better…


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About Adam Paquette

Creative Director at Epiphany Games, Director and Creative Director of Silverpoint Studios. Passionately engaged in the accumulated arts of human connection and deeply moved by the revelation of human potential!

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  1. Björn Hurri says:

    great portrait. The eyes have a lot of focus, great “soul” behind it. Needs a bit more tweaks and it is golden!

  2. marctaro says:

    Hey – good little speed paint – I like the looseness – but mainly I like the rhymes. That’s exactly how I feel man. Watch out all ye commercial artists! Don’t work years and years for corporations and neglect your own stuff or suddenly you’ll find yourself with no clear personal vision and just a laundry list for a resume.

  3. Kim Dorsett says:

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