One oil painting four drawings.

 Back again with new work.







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  1. Cody Tilson says:

    I’d love to see some details on the portrait, it’s top notch.

  2. IdiotApathy says:

    Who’s ugly mug is the first one? Looks like a crim’nal.

  3. haha! that ugly bastid is me. The five o’clock shadow is misleading as is the furrowed brow.

    Thanks Cody! I posted a detail. Sorry for the shoddy photo. : /

  4. Cody Tilson says:


    Thanks for the detail holmes, great brushwork as always.

  5. DavePalumbo says:

    nice one, I recognized you right away :)

  6. alex_d says:

    shit, that’s a sick self-portrait. i think you’ve captured yourself pretty well, as far as i remeber from photographs. well done. it’s inspiring me to paint, even though i am just chillin in front of the tv, and surfing on the side. lol, anyways, great. :)

  7. tim wilson says:

    werd it looks immense now with just a little touchup second pass! is that some digital tampering with the highlight though you clever cow? great stroke work, in the sketches as well. thank you for posting the old man as well, made my day!

  8. you are……….superdope!

  9. koppa says:

    the paintings sweet man very nicely done :)

  10. fooxoo says:

    Nice portrait! Love the colour shifts on face :D Kinda nice to see people get that the face is different colours not all rosy pink baby butt :D

    Sweet job!

  11. Main Loop says:

    Bad ass oil paint dude!

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