Some plushies I had started ages ago, and finally got to finish recently.

Scotty, one of these is yours :) Choose wisely!

About Victoria Maderna

I’m a full-time freelance illustrator based in Toledo, Spain (originally from Argentina). I like drawing animals and children and silly creatures, and I am addicted to comics and books.

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  1. Nic Klein says:

    OMG!! so awesome, which one is mine?!

  2. Interceptor says:

    Me too! What’s a guy got to do to get hooked up with one of these adorable things?

  3. Jens says:

    ow yes! second one’s mine! i said it first! :D

  4. timothy wilson says:

    haha toooooo cool vic!

  5. bluefooted says:

    They’re soooo cute!!!!! :)

  6. My god, these are amazing. :x

  7. Björn Hurri says:

    WOW! I LOVE the first one, please please give it to me?
    Heck, I love them all!

  8. devin platts says:

    these are great vic!
    I am almost tempted to make some of my own plushies :)

  9. Coz says:

    damn these are awesome!!!

  10. What?! For me? For serious? You are too sweet….
    But you have given me a hard decision to make….hmmmm
    They are all so awesome
    Thank you ;)

  11. Oh man! Vic. you really do make the cutest little guys. I love the first one as well, but they are all amazing, so damn adorable!!

  12. michele says:

    ooooo, can I buy one? What size are they? – about 5 – 7 inches high? They really are fun!

  13. animabase says:

    Cute and lovely plushes..
    I want to get it one.

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