First Sculpt!

Hey – just wanted to show you guys my first sculpt! I took a little workshop here at the office – they showed us how to make a wire armature, and provided us with some fancy grown up playdo. We worked from a live model (9 hours session)  – but I have to admit it doesn’t look much like him.  I had a blast doing this guy – I didn’t know it was so much fun – I’ll be trying out more of this for sure!

About marctaro

I'm a freelance concept artist and painter. I live in Montreal Quebec Canada.

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  1. Daleus says:

    Nice work!

    I really love sculpture. This little guy has an awesome sense of motion and action for someone standing with feet planted.

    I really like the texture too, although I realize that may be more of an artifact of your first try, but it adds a nice style to the piece. I’ll bet running your hands over the finished piece with your eyes closed is a real treat!

  2. Vorace says:

    I love the way it feels so energic

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