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GOWREELLAZTIKOS ::: The return of Raf and his shattered mind


GOWRIES, Gorillas, fellow friends – SO LONG!!!!!!   Well, Facebook and shiet can’t kill the passion for the BADASS-est art community, so, I’ll do ALL my best to ressurrect my ass in here! I know it’s boring (since I’ve already posted this on FB and whatnot), but these are my latest personal experiments. YES, experiments, […]

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Recent watercolors/gouache studies


Wow, it’s been like a million years since I last posted here! There’s not really much to say about these, just a recent bunch of studies from old photos and movie/series screencaps painted as an exercise to familiarize myself with the medium. Cheers!

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And still king of the cage

marvel comics' wolverine, personal work by marc scheff

The Wolverine. Line art. Color soon.

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Getting back in the 2D saddle and marathoning through some animal illustrations for this year’s sketchbook! I am pairing up with Jeannine Schafer, a fellow animal artist, and we are challenging each other to finish this book on time X_x Lots to do but happy to do it, since I love drawing animals. Especially derpy […]

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Guide of Souls

Guide of Souls by Nigel Quarless

Hey ‘Rillas. Been a while – life got crazy! I’m finally getting around to posting work again, so here’s the first piece of the backlog to go up. Long winded writeup on the inspiration on my blog. As an aside, it’s time for a bitter-sweet goodbye to my old username – Dead Mellotron. RIP old […]

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