Some things currently working on.

Might paint the first drawing.. weee

About Daniol

i like drawing and painting.

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  1. IdiotApathy says:

    Woot that last one is applesauce.
    Making up fake slang is also applesauce.

  2. Interceptor says:

    Ouch!! That piece is hot like a furnace.

  3. Brun says:

    great pencils dude, nice to have u here

  4. ev says:

    Brilliant pencilwork- good to see in this world of digiweb. paint that last one up.

  5. Simon Fellah says:

    Yeah, awesome pencils!

  6. Kian says:

    !wow man. Great work

  7. fedezz says:

    Last one is brilliant mate :shock:

  8. Yeah! nice feel! I love that dudes face the one that looks like he is saying something. Really great rendering. Like Tom says that sassiness is applesauce!

  9. strych9ine says:

    Man, you can control a pencil like no other. Great range of values in that last sketch.

  10. grumbles says:

    krack pop! that was the sound of me breaking my pencils. i bow down to you!!!! :smile:

  11. Rebeccak says:

    Hey Daniol, thanks for the comment! Definitely like your sketching style, great sense of fluidity and value control. It’s great to see so much quality work here, I’m proud to be in this quirky little group. ^-^

  12. bhanu says:

    Hey there DAniel , awesome sketches mate…YOu are the king with pencils…and that digi is killer as well…

  13. liam.c says:

    the last 2 really did it for me man !!!!!!!!!!

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