warmup doodles with a french accent

Sometimes I like to pretend Im a french comicbook artist, hehe…

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  1. Julien Alday says:

    you are almost French, you know ? Just work your accent a lil’ more and that’s in the pocket ! ;) Great to see such a diversity in treatment, even if just doodles. That’s your greatest weapon. The Arzach doodle is great. <3
    Will drop you a mail soon. We have to talk seriously.

  2. chupacabra says:

    You just keep pretending will ya? And I’ll keep drooling..

  3. The French are on to something…..Really nice sketches!

  4. You know which one really gets me going all googlely? the Blue and black inked face, second from the top, on the left. sooo nice. :D! Ah! crap there all good!

  5. entdroid says:

    Beautiful stuff man! Love the black and white one.

  6. IdiotApathy says:

    God dude, I almost forgot how much I love your stuff. Never leave me again :( hehe

  7. Art2 says:

    Love those inks. I suck at inking, so admire good inkers, hehe…

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