Hoooou slow daaaancing !!


for a collective graphic novel about the Rolling Stones, mine talks about Aaaangie ! :D More on my blog http://ecartez-vous-jarrive.blogspot.com/


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  1. Imaginary says:

    Who’s Angie? (don’t know anything about the stones =P)

    Anyway, very nice linework Clo. =D

  2. Clo says:

    A very popular song to slow dance…. :P Your parents may kissed for the first time listening to this ahaha!

  3. rodrigo! says:

    really nice, love the way you draw faces and hands :P

  4. Donk says:

    i love the hands. so snsitive :)

  5. Donk says:

    and the freckles :)

  6. that is so great
    lovely linework

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