So here’s the comic teaser I did for school. I am king procrastinator, so I made it in the last 4 days it had to be turned in. I’m not a writer nor a native english speaker, the dialogue is really bad. I probably could have done better with it. PLease click the images for full version, they look crap like this.

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  1. IdiotApathy says:

    I want – no I need a signed copy! :D

  2. entdroid says:

    I love it! <3
    This is definitely my favorite style from you Jens. Simple and bold!:)
    I particularly like how you did the scales in the first panel and the radio on the third page. I know, totally nerdy observation but I had to say it :P

  3. you know good engrish good!! ;)

    I like the objects too, they remind me of the title work on ratatouille! PS does the collectors edition come with a ‘making of’?

  4. tie/sleep says:

    jens this is actually bangin’, if i saw this on the shelf of a graphic novel shelf id buy it without a second thought. i just love it.

  5. tie/sleep says:

    shelf of a graphic novel shelf? excuse my incoherency…

  6. Julien Alday says:

    My favorite stuff from you, simple as that ! ^^
    I want more !

  7. rub says:


    Is there a reason you removed the eyes in some of the panels on the last page? It looks a bit weird I think.

  8. SRG says:

    ik bestel ‘m!

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