Bone, Bug, and Spider Masks

Photographs are still “in bounds” right? Thought these were worth posting as the lighting and the figures are interesting (to me at least). I collect masquerade masks and these three I picked up in New Orleans. They are all hand made and one of kind by different artists. Basically what I do is choose a subject and photograph them and only them in the mask and then put it back in my collection. Weird, but otherwise they just sit on the wall.

Also, in hot sexy news. I’ll be instructing at Gnomon for the Summer Semester. I’ve instructed at workshops, but this sucker is going to be a 10 week immersive course. Pretty excited about it.

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  1. Tom Scholes says:

    Good to see you posting dood !

  2. love the photos, Phil! and congrats on the Gnomon goodness.

  3. rodrigo! says:

    OH PFTT in bounds? Are you fucking kidding? these are gorgeous man! The masks are ornate and a really great focal point, love it! Workshop looks awesome too

  4. Phil Holland says:

    Thanks peeps! I’m looking forward to this whole teaching thing. Never had a chance to do something like this during my normal schedule, but my “summer vacation” is all about. Then back to studio work in the fall to feed my belly.

  5. Sergio Lopez says:

    Oh hell yea, these are great dude! Would love to see more of your work on here

  6. OYO! says:

    Love the crounching one Phil, so you go to a lot of masked party hu ? Do you often see Tom Cruise ?

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