IX – The Hermit

My third card so far for the Tarot set that I’m involved in. 10×15, oils on illustration board

The Hermit

About DavePalumbo

I'm a freelance illustrator working mainly in the F/SF genre. Most often I'm either painting book covers or gaming cards.

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you know that one… but now I have stuff on here too!

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I'm a banana!

 Fast colors on an ink doodle

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Pumpkin update


Just a little fast update on the pumpkin, I’m done with the painting now, though I don’t like how it turned out, anyways, hope u guys like it.

Link to previous version here.

About Brun

Freelance Illustrator & concept artist (I'm available for freelance work)

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Bjoerkensen van de Rwanda


A Chimp for GorillaZ!

About Kan Muftic

Concept Artist at Rocksteady Studios Ltd

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