recent orange

Some recent sketches, as well as some work in progress (orange) I have been up to, recently.

Take care, Alex

About Alexander Draude

I am an illustrator, currently living, working and studying in Kyoto, Japan. Feel free to drop by my homepage, if you want to know more about me or my work! Thank you.

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Well I guess I should join and go ahead and post my LMS 3 entry too. I had a great laugh making this one. Click here for a bigger version.

About Brun

Freelance Illustrator & concept artist (I'm available for freelance work)

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FireStarter WiP

Howdy gang. Glad to be a part of this.

Here’s something I started over the summer and have been thinking of revisiting:

firestarter sketch

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LMS Entry process

Here are all the process sketches leading up to the final for my LMS entry.



And the finished.


About Randall Whiteis

Artist out of Florida.

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Geez, no pressure!

At the risk of persecution for general mushiness and uncharacteristic sensitivity, I must say I am awed to be in the company of such upstanding artisans as you lot… So good to see this on such a good roll after only a day or two. Tiffany that painting is stellar… I’m jealous!

Since Cody set the precedent I’m going to cheat and put up a slightly older piece – my last man standing entry that I was fairly happy with, and also the character I did for the Light vs Dark challenge, topic ‘Leaf Goddess’. My first character in 6 months :shock: Hope you like!


Last Man Standing: Underneath it All

Leaf Goddess of Planetship Gaia

About Adam Paquette

Creative Director at Epiphany Games, Director and Creative Director of Silverpoint Studios. Passionately engaged in the accumulated arts of human connection and deeply moved by the revelation of human potential!

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