It Was Time for Chuck to Learn

Thanks to Fed and Vic for putting the new blog together! Here’s my contribution to the cause (from round one of Last Man Standing 3):

It Was Time for Chuck to Learn

15 x 26 inches. gouache and watercolor on board .

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Old Gnargled Treeman


Here is one of my recent pencil sketches. I haven’t been doing much pencils lately. Which is actually strange because I usually get better results with them :)

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Hey all! I realize now I need to get my butt in gear and actually scan all the recent work!!!

So bear with me… but until then, here’s a few recent life drawings and some character designs I sketched and am using for an upcoming graphic novel….its a bit complex, but it revolves around whaling, albinos, and inquisition….the rest, soon to be revealed?!

some really quick gesturing drawing as well!









Commence end of spam

About timothy powers

painter from new england

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Something for class.

About Troy Galluzzi

Troy Galluzzi AKA skullsquid is a San Francisco based illustrator and concept artist. For more work please refer to: and

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A fun way to study.


If you play a lot of video games like me, you’ll probably come to admire the character designs, and poses. I thought it would be interesting to study some of these. So in this case, I paused the game on a few poses from Super Smash Bro’s Melee. Here are a few cool poses that the character Marth displays in the game.

It’s a really neat way to do some reference drawing. There are so many characters with very different poses, you could go on for a long time this way. I just slowed down the game, and paused the character on a few choice poses. The cool thing about this game is that you can change the view of the pose while the game is paused. It’s also great for breaking down the animation and drawing those key frames. I suggest everyone give it a try!

About Randall Whiteis

Artist out of Florida.

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