Life Sketches, as usual..

Whoa, can’t believe how good this blog is, and it just started! Just proud to be a part of the group. Lets try to keep this to our very best work eh?

So I did these over the weekend, there was a figure drawing session at the Westerfield house in San Francisco, which is an awesome house, about 5 stories tall… 4 hours of non-stop drawing of models in themed costumes… Good stuff, here’s some of the better ones I did…



About Sergio Lopez

North Bay Area based Fine Artist Sergio Lopez. Oil paintings, gouache paintings, plein air paintings, and charcoal drawings.

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Rusty sheepfield.


Something for the same class. Adobe illustrator on pencil sketch. Tried to keep it simple.

About Troy Galluzzi

Troy Galluzzi AKA skullsquid is a San Francisco based illustrator and concept artist. For more work please refer to: and

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best blog ever…


Something familiar, something bizarre…

fields of fog
the Plague Doc

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Preliminary Sketch

Prelim Sketch for a personal painting on the sidelines. Pencil with digital overlay.

About scott*altmann

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It Was Time for Chuck to Learn

Thanks to Fed and Vic for putting the new blog together! Here’s my contribution to the cause (from round one of Last Man Standing 3):

It Was Time for Chuck to Learn

15 x 26 inches. gouache and watercolor on board .

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