Yuki Onna

Hello everyone,

time to show a project I have been working on recently and just finished for an exhibition/event in Tokyo, last Friday. This project was done in conjunction with the Kamishibai Bunkasuishin Kyougikai, the society for distribution of Kamishibai. Kamishibai is a japanese original type of story-telling, where a narrator will tell a story with the help of illustrated boards. Yuki Onna (The Snow-Woman) is a japanese ghost-story about a young woodcutter meeting a snow-ghost during a nightly snowstorm. The version used for these illustrations is by Lafcadio Hearn published in Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things. You can, if you like, read the ghost-story Yuki Onna in English here. All in all 13 illustrations, which would be shown shown one by one during an actual Kamishibai narration. All work done 100% in Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint, original size is slightly smaller than A3. Enjoy~

About Alexander Draude

I am an illustrator, currently living, working and studying in Kyoto, Japan. Feel free to drop by my homepage, if you want to know more about me or my work! Thank you.

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Hey everyone, been a while since I posted, I want to let you know I’m on twitter and tumblr now!

Here are the first images from a new series of works titled “Eremos”

“Eremos” envisions the mythological archetypes of tribal cultures living ages after the fall of civilization.  These Mask designs are early explorations into gods, spirits and motifs for this world.

I’ll be continuing to work on these masks along with more narrative images based on classical mythological archetypes and will post more as they come. Thanks for looking!




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North VS South…

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been a little while since I last updated. I’ve been very busy creating new paintings for upcoming shows. I will have plenty of updates in the next few months, so sit tight for those. Here is one I am squeezing in  just in the nick of time for an upcoming show.

This painting is for the Robert Lange Studios’ theme show: “North Vs. South.” Now, I’m not usually a fan of doing themed shows, but since this was the first time showing in an event for the gallery, I wanted to make a good impression. As you will see, the theme was interpreted very loosely by most of the artists anyway.

Those of you who have been fans of my Painted Roses series will note that I am now incorporating multiple figures in my series. I was required to create two paintings for the show, one that fit the concept of the “north” and one that fit the concept of “south.” I chose to go with Red and Blue, because it works well as two colors that go together side-by-side. Connecting the two with parts of the corresponding color bleeding into each other further connects the two.

“North South East West” 2 24×12 in. oil on linen panels in a 24×24″ frame. $4000.

Here are a couple of photos that I took from my Instagram that show the progression (click to enlarge.)

Here it is, framed inside of the gallery:

Here is the link to the show. Reception is this Friday evening.


Thirty painters come together to exhibit, North vs South, featuring two works of the same size from each artist, one that is inspired by the subject or theme South and one by subject or theme North. This event is part of CFADA’s Fine Art Annual weekend.
5-8 PM November 1st, 2013. ALL ARE WELCOME 

Robert Lange Studios2 Queen Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401
View Map · Get Directions

Some notes on the process: For a majority of the figure painting I was using lead white to paint the skin. Compared to titanium white, the tinting strength and handling is so much more subtle. It’s like the difference between using cobalt blue and phtalo blue. No dealing with ruining light-side mixtures by accidentally mixing too much white into the pile. If you are interested in doing high-key paintings, I suggest trying it, because I think it would be so much easier because there are so much less value jumps in your mixing.

Drawings For Sale
Prints For Sale


About Sergio Lopez

North Bay Area based Fine Artist Sergio Lopez. Oil paintings, gouache paintings, plein air paintings, and charcoal drawings. http://www.themainloop.com

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an Animal Crossing fan art


acnl-crop flat

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Sonoma Plein Air 2013: The Triumphant Newcomer

Literally the day after getting home from Mendocino, I started the Sonoma Plein Air event. The idea was to use Mendocino as a warm-up.

Day 1

Canvases are stamped early in Sonoma. Once I checked in, it was time to decide where to go. Indecision is the hidden enemy of the plein air event. If you can plan out where to go beforehand, you can save a lot of time driving around that you should be using for painting. I ended up on Lakeville Road just outside of Petaluma to do this painting.
“Lakeville Summer” 11×14 in oil on linen board. SOLD 
“The Old Commute” 9×12 in oil on linen.
Got some lunch in downtown Petaluma(Mi Rancho, one of my fave cheap lunch spots) then drove down Highway 101 out to the edge of Sonoma County’s south side. I found a large pullout to paint a scene I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. I pass it every time I go to San Francisco, so most locals know where it was.
“The Petaluma Fishing Spot” 8×10 in oil on linen board.
It was a warm day, and dehydration is another hidden enemy of the plein air event. I went back into to town to get a huge pink lemonade at In-N-Out with lots of ice… ahhh, much better. Ready to paint another. I ventured a half-mile over to Shollenberger Park where I painted this view across the river. The 101 is just beyond the oak.
From here I went over to the Ramekins in Sonoma to meet and greet the rest of the artists, some of the hosts, and some of the best-tasting finger food I’ve had in a while.

Day 2

Crashed and burned on a painting I did in Spring Lake before getting lunch with other artists at the Quarryhill Botanical Gardens. It’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for months now, so it was nice to get a free preview on behalf of the event organizers. Gorgeous gardens with much variety and some solid views if you go far enough up the hill.
 “Quarryhill Color” 6.5×9.5 oil on linen board.
 “Return To Autumn” 6.5×9.5 oil on linen board.
Quick Draw: We started our paintings at 4:30 and had to have them framed and up for display by 6:00, so it was a quick draw indeed. I think I handled the light decently well, but my cropping of the scene may have made it too obscure to be recognizably Sonoma. Might just have to do the clock tower next year.

Day 3

 “Bodega Harbor Haze” 14×18 in oil on linen.
I went to the coast on Wednesday which turned out to be a perfect day to do it. A perfectly clear day of sunshine with almost no wind. I stopped at the harbor on my way to Bodega Head and painted the misty morning before the fog completely dissipated.
 “A Rare Day In Bodega Bay” 16×20 in oil on linen. SOLD.
The day was still warm, the wind still hadn’t come in yet, so that meant it was time to paint the most ambitious piece of the week. This was a large complex piece where so many things could have gone wrong. Fortunately I kept up the juggling act which is plein air painting for the required 2.5 hours it took to complete this painting.
 “Coastal Jade” 6×8 in oil on linen.
I drove north up the 1 and stopped at Gleason Beach to paint this little scene. I had fun playing with the colors I saw. 
 “Harvest Moon In The East” 8×10 in oil on linen.
Came back into town to escape the wind that had started to kick up at the coast. I painted a scene near the Laguna De Santa Rosa, which is a favorite place of mine to paint. The moon was gorgeous as was the sky. This is the only painting I did over 2 days, because I came back the next day to work on it some more.

Day 4

 “A Need For Sure Footing” 6×8 in oil on linen.
I had planned on spending the day in Sugarloaf so that’s what I did. Started in the morning near the dried-up waterfall(bet it’s raging now after yesterday’s downpour…) I enjoy painting creeks but they are more fun when the water is flowing through them.
 “Anticipating Exploration” 11×14 in oil on linen.
It took me a little while of hiking around the meadows near the parking lot to find a view that spoke to me. I can probably come back and repaint this scene to tweak the design into something stronger, but hey, decent study.
“Lion Rock” 6.5×9.5 oil on linen board. 

The hike up to this scene was long and arduous, but worth it in my opinion. There is a plethora of views up there, but this was one I had wanted to paint for a while. I like this piece on its own, but I may do a larger piece of it sometime.

Day 5

“Barely Holding On” 9×12 in oil on linen.
For my last painting of the week I drove down Stony Point to paint a scene I have wanted to do for years and never got around to. These barns have been crooked for years. Very surprised they’re still around considering all the stuff they are fighting to tear down. #localpolitics
Time to finish framing in time to get everything ready for tomorrow. 4:00 clock rolls around and it’s time for the Opening Gala. To get a detailed recap about how that night went, please go to my previous blog post:

Sales Day

My wet, wet booth.
I already knew earlier that it was going to rain on the day of the sale, so I was prepared for the worst. Being prepared did not make me any happier of a camper. There were still a decent amount of people who checked the art out, despite the weather. Bless their hearts. I managed to squeak another sale in at the final hour, but for the most part it was slim pickings for a lot of artists. Being a Sonoma County native I am confident that I can sell plenty of these in my local gallery, so I am not that bummed out about it yet. Besides, the prize money and two sales made it the most financially successful plein air event of the year for me. Being the big winner can mean all sorts of great new opportunities for me in the future, so I am excited to see what this will lead to.

Drawings For Sale
Prints For Sale
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About Sergio Lopez

North Bay Area based Fine Artist Sergio Lopez. Oil paintings, gouache paintings, plein air paintings, and charcoal drawings. http://www.themainloop.com

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