The Other Brothers Update

Hello everyone!

We updated with more artwork on the blog and a great facebook challenge so make sure to go and read!!

If  you are too lazy to click, at least you can look at some of the art :)





About Björn Hurri

creature/character concept artist and illustrator at Creative Assembly

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  1. devin platts says:

    I’m super fucking impressed with how good this looks with every sneak-peak/update. I can’t wait to play it .____________.

  2. Raf Sarmento says:

    Man… DUDE… seriously… you”re killing me here.

    This is ÜBER ABSURDLY AWESOME!!! What an amazing project!

  3. ruuhkis says:

    wow. very, very impressive! one of the best art updates I’ve seen in a long time (along with your other Other Brothers related art)! and oh, the nostalgia.

  4. Yohann Schepacz says:

    beautyficient !

  5. Ole Tillmann says:

    Hey another good looking update! The blog was asking for criticism- the one thing that stands out to me in these is the background. Maybe you guys just havent gotten to them yet but it would give the player a little more pull into the game I think if there were more background layers/action. Like that hill behind the graveyard.. or the condensation from the plane in the first one.

    Maybe youve seen these before but this is sort of the other end of the spectrum of stuff in the background:

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