Mon Voisin Totoro

Hi gang !

Here’s my modest contribution to the Totoro Forest Project.  I feel very humble to be part of it. A combo of acrylic, coffee and photosho… Plus Tibetan music score [thank you, Dave, you'll know why]. ;)

And a picture made last fall, selected for the French artbook, Café-salé. Acrylic and coffee mix, plus photography and photoshop.

And for finish, some personal stuff:

Hope all is well for you guys,

from France with Love.


About Julien Alday

Free-lance illustrator and Lapin.

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  1. Daniol says:

    Ca me plait bien :] Surtout le jeu de texture.
    Merci !

  2. really nice work here J. love your style!


  3. My friend- look at you. You are dishing out great work, and great projects are coming your way. That’s exactly how it should be. Very excited by all the recent developments for you- well deserved.

    Talk soon my friend – stay healthy and don’t waste too much time looking at porn.


  4. koppa says:

    awesome dude :)

  5. chupacabra says:

    Great stuff, Dr. J!

  6. Julien Alday says:

    @ Daniol: Merci ! Un jour j’essaierai de faire une illu avec une meilleure hiérarchie dans la texture. Là c’est tout crado, mais c’est parce que je le vaut bien ! ^^

    @ Pat: Same about your art, buddy. ;)

    @ Scott: I will stay healthy, don’t worry… About me watching Porn… That’s science-fiction, pure and simple. Thanks for the good laugh… And for the nice words, warmed my heart. ^^

    @ Koppa: Thanks, sir. ^^

    @ Chupa-chupa: Thanks, amigo. You did some great stuff lately, keep posting the magic. ;)

    I’ll be back once my computer get fix, but be sure I will keep an eye on you chimps.

  7. Björn Hurri says:

    Is the last one painted or photo?
    I am confused!
    It’s lovely though, it makes me dream away.

    Your art is very personal and strong, I can spot them in a crowd of thousand.


  8. Great Julien. Always loved the Cat one. :)

  9. Julien Alday says:

    Björn, this is photography only. I just play with crappy settings in late evening wishing I will reach that particular render [And I did it ! YAY ! :P]. Subject was great by the way. It’s just a few fossils-roots in some medieval wall… Just a few minutes from my house…
    And I noticed it just that day. :P
    Yup, no Photoshop tricks on the shot itself, aside a few settings [saturation/hue].

    “Your art is very personal and strong, I can spot them in a crowd of thousand.”
    Best compliment I had in ages, warmed my tiny heart… Specially coming from a badass like you !

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