Harold Halibut – A Handmade Videogame

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve had concept art to share so I’m excited to get a chance to post here. A couple of friends who do a lot of film work and I have been working on this video game together. It’s going to be an old school type of point&click adventure made entirely from wood, clay etc… Then photographed and pasted together in Unity. We just started to share the process of putting it together online so if you’re keen please poke your head in!

Production Blog: www.HaroldHalibut.com

Facebook: facebook.com/HaroldHalibut

Twitter: @HaroldHalibut 

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  1. liam.c says:

    oh man that’s really really cool !

  2. linda says:

    ein mädchen
    ist gesund

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