EXPOSÉ 6 – `round the world baby.

yours truely got an itsy-bitsy spot at Ballistic publishing`s site alongside many others, being one of the artists

featuring in the latest EXPOSÉ book – No. 6

(I`ll also be appearing in “D`artiste:Digitial painting 2″, and “D`artiste:Matte painting 2″, with 3 more works of mine. after getting into EXPOSÉ 5 last year, these make 4 Ballistic titles for old Pat. I know.. what`s the big deal right. well – it is for me, yeah. :) )

so check it out, when you get the time.



About Patri Balanovsky

Pat draws and paints. and he likes it. which is very fortunate since that's also what he does for a living. Pat is a Vis Dev / Concept artist. mainly for the Animation Industry.

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  1. Julien Alday says:

    Congrats, Pat ! ^^ You deserve it, man. I’m glad for you, really.

  2. Nic Klein says:

    Congrats dude!!!! But why did you get some Bum of the street to hold the book? wouldn’t it have been nicer to get a picture of you?

  3. Carlos Ranna says:

    HUhauhauhauh! Funny comment Klein.

    Congrats Balanovski. That´s really a big deal!

  4. Thanks guys… I appreciate it.

    Nicknack – hehe… :)
    yeah well…
    I figured a bum might fit better
    with Israhell there for a Background.

    and that`s `Lord of the Bums` to you, toots.

    peace ppl,

  5. Awesome dude- congrats on all the entries getting in those books. It is a big deal man – brag your ass off!
    Looking forward to seeing your art in D’artiste 2.

  6. Cody Tilson says:

    Hahaha Nic…

    Patri, congrats you manimal. Great to see your getting the recognition you deserve dude.

  7. Wasker says:

    rofl nic,

    nice one Patri :D grats

  8. Kian says:

    Completely and utterly deserved Pat!! Well done mate.

  9. Daniol says:

    Congrats man !! Keep working hard !!

  10. koppa says:

    cool awesome work mate :)

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