First post (yeah, finally)

Hello there dear Gorillas!

Finally I took a moment to make my first official post here on the blog. You all know how much I love you, and it’s really a HUGE pleasure and honor to be a part of the gang! After all, being one of the apes is more than a pleasure – it’s a way of living. So, here we go to start this mess up!

Well, in fact I don’t have a big deal to share right now, but I’ll show you a few recent studies (only a few, as I’m just starting this new sketchbook – and it’s a wonderfull one) and a sneak of my current oil painting. Soon I’ll post some other stuff!

Hope you’re all well, until lateeeeeeeer








And here is the painting – at the very early stages, so of course I’ll show much of it!


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  1. Raf! So nice to have you finally posting – feel free to post some older work too if you like ; ) Nice way to introduce your manliness to those unfamiliar .

    What a post too – man….I love this visual vocabulary you are developing. Truly wicked stuff and very inspiring. Can’t wait to see the next developments. Cheers my friend!

  2. Cody Tilson says:

    Love that mix of organic viney musculature and angular, sharp shapes. Looks great! Where did you get that sketchbook, it looks amazing. Did you make it?

  3. Torahn says:

    Yay, great to see you posting, raf. I missed your works.
    This painting seems in a good way to become another of your masterpieces ^__^

  4. Brun says:

    Rafa, I want one of those sketchbooks! where did you get them? did you make them yourself? (and of course your work is kicks ass as per usual ;) )

  5. Kan Muftic says:

    This is so beautiful!

  6. Gax says:

    BE MY FRIEND haha :)
    wonderful first post.

  7. Raf Sarmento says:

    Professor Scott: Man, I have no words to thank you for that! I just hope I’ll not disappoint ya along the development of these visual things… ;^) But I’m trying to make something not shitty with these! Cheers amigo! ;^)

    Cody The Encoder: Nice that you’ve enjoyed such elements! The sketchbook is made by an awesome bookbinder here, wish I had these powers! (check my blog for the info)

    Torahn The Barbarian: Thanks a lot, but please, don’t even create any expectations! Hahaha

    Brun Crows: Just sent you a DM on Twitter – and thanks for the kind words my friend!

    Gengis Kan: Hey, thanks a lot! ;^P

    Gax Le Grand: Merci mon ami – let’s be friends for sure! Hahaha

  8. Johnny says:

    I’m a sucker for bad ass work in general but even more so if it’s bad ass sketchbook work. Custom sketchbook? Nicenicenice.

  9. Raf Sarmento says:

    Johnny B. Goode: Thanks a lot dude, it’s nice to hear that from people that I actually admire (like everyone around here, in fact), so I’m humbled! Yeah, this custom sketchbook is sooooooooo niceeeeee… smooth and tough at the same time.

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