Great to see all the awesome work!

Heres some pieces I’ve been playing with. One is from a figure session, the others are for an illustration I’m about to begin…I’m trying to nail a style before I start.

take care,


good face

About Francis Vallejo

I really enjoy making pictures.

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  1. Brun says:

    I’m stunned by your crazy ability to capture live with such ease. great lines, the portraits are simply stunning’n'amazing.

  2. fedezz says:

    Awesome Francis, you’re truly a constant source of inspiration :D That first one reminds me of George Pratt’s technique on steroids.
    Keep these goodies coming!

  3. IdiotApathy says:

    Don’t forget us when you are famous. Love this stuff.

  4. entdroid says:

    What can I say dude??? Your style just rocks my socks off… love it all!!! :)
    Damn you’re good! I’ll go cry in a corner…

  5. Dian3 says:

    i want to draw with these confident lines…

  6. An insane inspiration Francis… your technique really appeals to me. Its soft, energetic, and it screams ‘IM AN ARTIST!’… I envy the passerby who glances casually over your shoulder. Bravo dude – keep it coming.

  7. Zord says:

    Wow man… this stuff is really fresh. Total respect, thanks for showing us!

  8. looking good Francis – can’t wait to see the final illustration

  9. emilyg says:

    I love how your forms seem to emerge out of a haze–beautiful.

  10. great!!! I love the second sketchs, especially the woman. :)

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