À Une Inhumaine…

Bonjour, mes amis !
First, I hope you’ll have a nice Dirty Sunday ! :D
Here’s my contribution…

I have been contacted by Petit à Petit publishing, for participate on their upcoming French comic book erotic anthology. Roughly, I had to pick a poem from a list and make a sequential of it, four pages, no moren no less. My choice was limited by the fact I was hired at the last minute, and most of the cool erotic poems where allready selected.

Hopefully, nobodies picked “À Une Inhumaine” yet, a poem by Henri Cantel.

So here’s an earlier step of pages one and three. That’s all I allow myself to show you, for not spoil the French readers before it gets published. I’m actually finishing the last page, then it will be time to make tiny adjustements on the drawings and add little corrections on the font, wich might be removed by the publisher… so what you see might be print in a very different version. Clic it for see it bigger and enjoy.



A special thanks to Nénent and Clo, you guys know why. ^^

And a very very special thanks to Dave Palumbo, who convinced me to post the naked girls I made a few months ago, while I thought I should keep it for me. That’s how I get hired since.

So in a way, nothing will be possible without Dave’s sense of persuasion. Merci, Dave ! ^^

Stay Dirty, my friends. ^^;


About Julien Alday

Free-lance illustrator and Lapin.

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  1. really ocol stuff J J.

  2. brun says:

    sweet stuff Julien, great work as usual ;)

  3. Clo says:

    ? We are in the saaaame booook lalalalalala la ?

  4. Clo says:

    damnit! the ? were musical notes :(

  5. DavePalumbo says:

    awesome Julien! They look great assembled. I need to find a translated version of the poem :P And don’t thing I’ve forgotten, pending nudie painting trade!

    Clo, your keyboard makes musical notes????

  6. Clo says:

    Yup! Keeping Alt pressed and typing on the numbers! Music note is Alt + 14. Geeeeeeeeek i am.

  7. devin platts says:

    !!!!!!!!!!! you are so french !!!!!!!!


  8. animabase says:

    Beautiful artworks~

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