What Would Wolves Do?

Hey Gorillas! Everyone s posting such awesome work – very inspiring…

Here’s a little something from me – a quick one I did over a few nights last week.  Thanks for looking and I hope you’re all well!

- Nigel


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  1. Hey Nigel! Good to see something new from you. This is real nice–especially for a quickie!
    For some reason I am really diggin the pattern on her dress- luverly :)

  2. Julien Alday says:

    I really love the transition between shapes and textures/patterns.
    And I’m really glad to see new stuff from you, man ! ^^

  3. Dead Mello says:

    Scotty! What’s up buddy? Great to hear from you, and thanks for the kind words! The dress pattern is pretty much straight up cultural approproation, I can’t really take credit for it… First Nations coastal wolf design. I didn’t know what would more more ethical, to put an authentic design on there or bastardize the style by making it more my own… I went with the authentic one.
    Thanks for stopping in, pal! Talk soon…

    Julien – Hey man! Thanks so much. I’m really psyched you dig how the shapes/textures/ patterns work… it’s a bit of a stylistic experiment so your feedback is super helpful! I hope to be posting more regularly, at least for a while. Cheers!

  4. Aly Fell says:

    Love the way the detail pulls back as you move down the image, particularly on the girls legs, and yes, I like the pattern too!

  5. Dead Mello says:

    It’s great to hear your thoughts, Aly! Thanks for taking the time to comment…
    I’m glad you like the detail falloff – I’m experimenting a bit with stylistic choices like that… great feedback… great to see you posting too… love yer girls.

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