Monthly Topic: let’s get things started

Yay! Topic #1 is: DERELICT.

Bring them on :D



About Federico Piatti

I'm a freelance illustrator from Argentina currently based in Toledo, Spain. Some of my clients include: Wizards of the Coast, National Geographic Learning, White Wolf, Boom! Studios, Stone Arch Books, Fantasy Flight Games, World Around Records. Selected publications: Spectrum 18 (Underwood Books), Gorilla Artbook Vol.1 (CFSL Ink), Botobit Volume One.

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  1. IdiotApathy says:

    Holy shit fed! I love it!

  2. maxETormer says:

    je je this one is awesome
    brought me back memories of Sunday cartoons,
    just priceless

  3. Very cool! The brush strokes are badass.

  4. excellent! both of them. the brush work on the 2nd is awesome, and the whole scene there on the 1st is great.

  5. Brun says:

    LOLLOLLOL, really funny
    great going fedezz

  6. Wasker says:

    Rofl, property of area 51

  7. nice.I would take that alien home, he’s too cute. ;)

  8. entdroid says:

    yeah the alien rocks! :)

  9. Yelhsa says:

    There are no words to dcesribe how bodacious this is.

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