Vroom-Vroooooommm…! and Shtuff.

hello there!


couple of quick Bots ,

work stuff (you can see how my initial fairy sketch looks like before my boss gave her “input” for it..),

and a new Illu from yours truly.

cheers kind Gents and Ladies.


About Patri Balanovsky

Pat draws and paints. and he likes it. which is very fortunate since that's also what he does for a living. Pat is a Vis Dev / Concept artist. mainly for the Animation Industry.

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  1. Kian says:

    Pat!!! this is friggin brilliant man.
    Top stuff

  2. Björn Hurri says:

    Great stuff man, you can draw a good range of things!
    Keep on rocking the arts!


  3. I want me own leprechaun. ;) Cute drawings Pat. :D

  4. I really like that last one. And of course, the Fairies and Leprechauns are full of your usual appealing goodness…

  5. iolarnula says:

    Fffffffffffff that last one kicks so much awesome, nice!

  6. Cool shit Patri, I really like that last one.

  7. thanks Ppl. :) glad you like me shtuff.


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