Vehicle concept


Armoured scoutcar

I should do more vehicles… characters tend to nag at you after a while :)

It’s a light armoured scout car. Decided to give it a desert camo look, inspired by WW2 British camo.

I wanted to keep it a bit real, not too much scifi elements. Except it runs on camel pisss, heheheh…

Photoshop, no ref used.

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  1. Main Loop says:

    nice concept, i like it. One thing I would nitpick though, is the rang of motion for the machine gun turret, it wouldnt be able to turn much to the right because of the housing for the larger gun sticking out so high… Maybe you didnt want the gun to turn that way, but if I was in a vehicle like this, I would only need that big gun to be shooting straight in front of me, and the smaller gun to pick off attackers on the side.. anyway, thats my 2cents..

  2. Rebeccak says:

    Wow bro, you’re totally cookin’! This sure beats waiting for updates to your blog. ;) Great stuff, always like your colors.

  3. cool tank my friend. I love the light and shade… how the hell you do that?!


  4. Art2 says:

    Main Loop, thanks for the observations!
    Good point, the pivot point (up/down) for the smaller gun should be the one closest to the barrel. That’s what I had in mind, but maybe I made some miscalculations :/ aaargh!

    Sis, err I have a blog?? :P
    I sampled some Rembrant and Vermeer colours in Painter and converted them for use in Photoshop. Damnit, there goes my secret…

    Pat, err … hard round brush? :) I do several passes, working from dark to light. I hope this makes the process a bit clear. Pretty straight forward.

    Thanks Hurri!

  5. chupacabra says:

    Nice job. I wouldn’t make the bgr so clean next time, if i were you..

  6. Art2 says:

    Chup, you’re right, the background looks a bit too clean. Thanks.
    I will spend an extra few minutes tonight on the pic and work on your and Loop’s comments.

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  9. Digna Remmel says:

    Man, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this blog! I’m working my way through the archives starting from the beginning. Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

  10. I was aware of this already, but nevertheless there have been several useful bits which finished the picture to me, many thanks!

  11. Readymades says:

    When reading this blog I realised that there are more problems that need writing about. So maybe I will open my own blog. Thanks for opening my eyes!

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