Hey folks. I’ve been all over the place lately. But I hope to make a post in the near future with my newer work. But along with Mike I also did a piece for the Totoro Project. It’s ink, gouache, and zip-a-tone paper. I remember when I was young going to the Detroit laundromats and zoning out while my mom cleaned the clothes. This is pretty close to the sort of things I imagined. Keep rockin!

take care,



About Francis Vallejo

I really enjoy making pictures.

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  1. Julien Alday says:

    You and Mike made some of my favourite piece of the whole bunch, really !
    I love this one, dude ! Seems like nothing can stop you this year, he ? ;)
    Again, bravo !

  2. Cody Tilson says:

    This is just sick. Anyway, I’ve got a technical question for you…

    I’ve been looking for a good medium to paint over/under my inks without making the lines bleed… what did you do for that here? Gouache first, then inks? Do you seal the inks somehow first?

    Drop some knowledge on me pardner.

  3. marctaro says:

    love it – brush and ink ftw!

  4. DavePalumbo says:

    man, I want to see the original and understand the surface, looks so good!

  5. fedezz says:

    So awesome Francis!!! :D
    I just love it

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