Their Game [Not So Dirty]

Hello, folks !

Here’s another sample from the project I’m currently working on [see my previous Dirty Sunday post]. I think I will have to wait something like a good week or two before tell you more about it. That said, here’s a few hint: that’s for a sequential, it’s an adaptation from a erotic poem, written by a young prodigy [1]. My goal was to find something that fits to the rythm of the text and to find a story to tell underneath it, or it will be way too obvious. Photography [and nude art, obviously] plus a lil’ fantasy mood appears to be the best solution for that project. ^^

So, yeah, this WIP is not THAT dirty. But don’t worry, I will do worst another time.


Happy Dirty Sunday !



[1] No, wait, he’s dead since a few decades now, my bad ! :P

About Julien Alday

Free-lance illustrator and Lapin.

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  1. Clo says:

    Je me répète mais c’est très réussi ce que t’es en train de nous pondre! Très élégant! :)

  2. liam.c says:

    oh man this verry cool i cant wait to see the rest of the project !!

  3. yeah man – very cool!

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