The Beatles Tribute Show


As Rich mentioned in the post below me, there will be a Beatles Tribute show going on tonight at Gallery Nucleus (more info). I’ve had the honor of doing several pieces for Gallery Nucleus shows before but I was extremely thrilled when they asked me to make a piece for this show in particular!

Both the final and the sketch will be up for sale, so if you think you can give these pieces a new home feel free to drop by Gallery Nucleus later today!

Interested in buying? Go on, follow these links:
Final illustration:

Mr. Taxman:


Graphite and Watercolor on VL AQUAREL ARCHES 185 paper (Final illustration, signed)


Graphite  on VL AQUAREL ARCHES 185 paper (Original Sketch, signed)


Graphite Sketch (wip)


Transfering the original sketch (wip)


Coloring (wip)


Close up (wip)



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  1. Gax says:

    Brun now watercolorist, cool indeed :) take care gingermaster

  2. oyo says:

    Brilliant. I want the bw sketch version ! So cool !

  3. Brun says:

    @Gax: Thank bro! How are you btw, its been too long!

    @Oyo: Thanks for showing an interest man, you know that means a lot coming from you ;). If you’re interested in buying one of them follow these links:

    Final illustration:

  4. adam paquette says:

    sweet piece man! you did that sly bastard justice.

  5. Brun says:

    Thank you Adam!

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