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Kind of tired of being stuck in a rut — that is, I can draw solid forms and perhaps even light them, but I want to be able to apply different materials and textures ’cause I want to be able to apply a layer of credibility to my work! I’d like to draw dirty, rusty, beaten-up stuff, to simulate multilayered shaders, and to develop a reliable, efficient, procedural process – ’cause one of the comic book projects I’m working on calls for a lot of it, so I’d better make myself into a lean, mean texturin’ machine…

So this doodle’s really not much of a “concept” — it’s an exercise ‘ cause I’d like to focus just on the problem of getting these materials to appear credibly lit. I’ve concentrated most of the paint damage on the edges and corners, and I tried adding very tiny bevel highlights and microshadows to the edges of the chipped paint.

Yes, I guess I could’ve used brush textures instead of a hard circle brush to speed things up – but I’d like to be able to do this stuff competently the old-fashioned way before I resort to any trickery. I did learn to use smaller-radiused brushes to “scumble” wherever the larger brush wouldn’t fit, and a footpedal control to adjust the brush size made this job a lot easier.

UPDATE: Okay, so I think I’m getting the hang of switching up the saturation and hue while staying in roughly the same value — and using detail as a way to add visual interest without destroying the large forms.

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  1. Björn Hurri says:

    i like it, very nice explorations!
    Keep em coming!


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