Some sketchbook pages from me.

These a few pages from over the last year or so



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  1. Björn Hurri says:

    love it all! Lovely ballpoint action!

    Keep em rolling!

  2. OYO! says:

    Sick!! Lots of stuff going on here ! The monsters page are sick :)

  3. Coz says:

    Very nice sketches!

  4. mike says:

    good grief! you don’t waste any space! :D

  5. Daniol says:

    How about that for a first post.. haha awesome !

  6. Zord says:

    The busy-ness of the pages makes them reaaaally fun to look at. More?

  7. I like these alot! Love the way you fill that page up

  8. devin platts says:

    hahah u are a nut :)

  9. you is crazy, hehehe…. :)


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