Some recent stufffs

Crazy amazing art being posted guys, always feel intimidated showing stuff here! just some Random stuff and my two tarot card pics for the team Chow thing.(And yes, I owe a lot to Phil Hale with some of these)

Two of wands
wolverine lobotomizes a sentinel

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  1. brun says:

    DUDE that first one is bloody amazing.
    the other ones are top ace too !

  2. Coz says:

    Really impressive work, love them all!

  3. Hot sauce man! They are all great- like brun said…the first one is really striking . Tops man :)

  4. Kian says:

    These are gggreat Daniel! Top work mate

  5. rodrigo! says:

    holy crap man. i am in awe! I love how you keep the values so fucking close and yet maintain so much vibrancy with colour and contrast in the right places. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. min says:

    Dude.. far out, these are looking great!, love the first one. holy snap.

  7. mattgamer says:

    fantastic work. the spidey i lub! ;]

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