Some Recent Stuff

I’m procrastinating a bit, so here’s a post with some stuff over the last month:




And a 12″x12″ oil on canvas (after NASA):

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  1. Sergio Lopez says:

    The astronaut looks sweet! I love the texture

  2. fionkell says:

    Good to see your work again meats. Thanks for posting the initial sketches, I like seeing how a work starts and finishes!

  3. meatsworthy says:

    Kan: Thank you kind sir!

    Sergio: Thanks… feels good I am getting somewhere

    Fin: Thank you… there’s an intermediate fail step on my blog if you’d like to see it too :D

  4. crowley says:

    And I said damn. Your brush work is mesmerizing.

  5. devin platts says:

    fuck yeah yip! I love this shit

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