So this is a quick update with some sketch action I’ve been working on.  The top image is from figure drawing, the middle one is an oil sketch/study for an illustration I’m finally starting tomorrow, and the last one is a crop of a sketch I’m doing for a comic cover.

I’ve definitely been digging the pencil lately. I haven’t used graphite this much in years..haha. It’s amazing how much painting can help your drawing.

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About Francis Vallejo

I really enjoy making pictures.

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  1. tim wilson says:

    ha it’s great to see the crop of the comic cover francis, can’t wait to see that thing in full bloom! by the way, you use Hillary Clinton as a model for the lower left?? :)

  2. tim wilson says:

    (meant lower right, i so tired)

  3. Great stuff as always. I find the way you approached those life-drawings really interesting as well.
    Can’t wait to see that finished comic cover…please post when you can :)

  4. Nonie says:

    That painting looks like Abraham Lincoln. Awesome stuff :)

  5. Donk says:

    it does look like abe… i saw some casts of his face in the Smithsonian in DC. cahrazeh. very cool stuff here :}

  6. indeed it is Abe…hmmmm…sneak peak into the final concept?

  7. Brun says:

    Great sketches and paintings dude, I love your illustrations, allways nice to see u update this blog

  8. se7en says:

    Awesome work man. Your colorize sketches always remind me of James Jean somehow. The painting looks amazing so far.

  9. Nice stuff, Francis. The honest Abe likeness is definitely coming through.

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