A character/creature design for the sidekick in my personal comic book project.

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  1. brun says:

    lol cute and somehow also a little scary at the same time, i love it

  2. Adam Paquette says:

    you have taken a huge step up in your work mate – honestly, the latest updates are stellar examples of the commited improvement you have been working at. bravo. love the design and colours, but most of all the personality, of this little guy. awesome dude, and hope you have been well since we last spoke :)

  3. le-mec says:

    brun: Hey, thanks!!! It was really hard to make a character design for a comic/game/movie/etc. because I knew I’d wind up seeing him doing different things from various angles and that forced me to think about how he’d maintain his balance, how to arrange his legs, how he’d pick up and use things, etc.

    The more I concentrated on making him look cute, the more his design seemed to slip away from me. It wasn’t until I buckled down and said something like: “Think of him climbing down a flight of stairs” that I was able to imagine something that looked like it might possibly work. For other design elements, I looked at those robot sentries from Doom III and I studied “jumping spiders” on Wikipedia.

    The bright, toylike colours, stubby fingers and large “bunny head” helped to make him a bit ‘cute’, but I suspect his legs and exposed workings still look kinda menacing – I’m thinking of designing an exoskeletal shell for the legs to fix that.

    Adam Paquette: Heh! Yunno… every day I wake up wondering how the hell I’m supposed to “get better”. Sometimes it means having to figure out a way to paint something so that it looks like you could “pick it up and grate a fingernail across its surface to feel that texture”. Or sometimes it’s figuring out how to make my line drawing skills get along with my painting skills… I get tired of being this “occasional fluke” guy so it’s many days of thinkin’ and testin’ and just when I think I’ve got it figured out something else comes along and kills me.

    When I draw, I can push a drawing until it’s super-detailed but then I’m at a loss as to how to paint it so that the colours stay within the lines without it taking a bazillion years and looking like crap because the edges look terrible. When I paint, I can paint a few simple things and render them almost photorealistically, but then I’m at a total loss as to how to make it look as detailed as one of my drawings. They’re two skills that are seemingly like oil and water but I gotta figure out how to get the the quality I want within a reasonable amount of time… because I’m gonna have to crank out a lot of paintings/drawings eventually for my comic book.

    I know it can be done, especially after reading “Transient” – so I have to solve my inefficiencies and find a way to deal with all these different problems and learn how to make a lot of decisions…

  4. Anna says:

    So cute! I want one. :)

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