RED RIDING HOOD – Gallerie L’Art De Rien


This piece was made for an upcoming show named “DES CONTES DE GRIMM” in Gallery L’Art De Rien located in Paris. I chose to do something with the classic tale of Red Riding Hood.

The piece will be on sale at the gallery, for more info look here:

Des Contes De Grimm


Graphite and Watercolor on Arches (click for a bigger picture).

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Freelance Illustrator & concept artist (I'm available for freelance work)

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  1. Sergio Lopez says:

    The pictures aren’t showing up

  2. Brun says:

    They seem to work just fine over here? Anyone else not seeing them?


  3. I see the girl riding the wolf, but the other one doesn’t show.
    Really nice Brun, I like the colors on the wolf and the design of him, lovely. :)

  4. Brun says:

    I’ve tried to reupload the images and both the old ones and the new ones show up on my computer, tried it on several places… So no idea how I can fix it showing up for you guys :( sorry…


  5. Guiwenneth says:

    I love this! I’ve just been to Paris and spent so long looking round this little exhibition, it’s really awesome.

  6. Brun says:


    I’m glad you liked it, thanks for looking!


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