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Been a while since I posted some art, and since things are starting to back up I thought I should share some recent works . I’ve posted some of these images around, so you may have seen some of these already.Thanks for checking in!

Here’s the first book of a new series I’m working on for Templar UK.

Pendragon Legacy: Sword of Light-wraparound cover art


A recent image done for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft TCG


This one was done over a year ago I believe. For Wizard’s of the Coast / Dungeons & Dragons


some experimenting digitally


This was a collaboration with longtime friend and super-artist Mark Pernice / Matic for the New York Times. Mark took care of the concept and did some tweaks, and I literally had to paint this within hours. Had fun though!



character / concept practice


3rd coverart for the Ring of Five series for Random House .



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  1. Kan Muftic says:

    Awesome dump, mate!

  2. fantastic work as always!
    I’m in love with your sketch for the Ring of five cover!

  3. Kan- thanks man!

    brutal – thanks so much! I actually like the sketch way more than the cover too!

  4. Simon Fellah says:

    Love it all, Scott – the collab for NYT is great too. Your colors have always been amazing, dude!

  5. clo says:

    Great work Scott! I thought the digital portrait of the girl was a painting until i read it wasn’t, that’s crazy how you keep your traditional feel in the digital paintings. I love the character studies too.

  6. Simon- thanks dude…but YOU have always been amazing. Even when you were a baby. :)

    Clo – thanks so much Clo! The fact that you like my character studies made my day as I really admire your character designs. Thank you!
    The portrait was trying to do just that- get closer to how I paint with oils these days and mix it with digital…but do it all digitally…? That barely makes sense to me!

  7. Nonie says:

    Gorgeous work, man. That Ring of Five painting and sketch are both fantastic. You rock :D

  8. RODRIGO says:

    great dumparoo scotto! In particular I love the cover of the ring of five, and also the egyptian one- just perfect! The iceberg one has a great concept and simplicity, nice!!

  9. Nonis- Thanks so much ! Was great talking to you – wish it didn’t get cut short by daddy duties. Hope to see you guys soon :)

    Rodrigooo -thanks man! I hope you are lying in an isolation tank right now dreaming of wonderful paintings for the future

  10. Johnny says:

    Always dig your experiments. Nice.

  11. johnny -thanks so much for that comment. That means a lot to me, since the experimentation / personal work is what I am most passionate about. Gotta find more time!

  12. Sergio Lopez says:

    Really nice character designs! Great dump! Remember to flush!

  13. sergio -haha -thanks my friend!

  14. Dead Mello says:

    Great to see it all dumped in one place, Scott! Cool piece for the NY Times. Love the Ring of Five cover – nice to see the sketch too! Take care, pal!

  15. Nigel! Thanks so much my friend. Hope all is good and we’ll catch up soon.

  16. Scott you’ve been busy! The Sunday reviews painting came out nice, simple and direct. Really effective I think :)

  17. thanks Tiff! Yeah – this is like a fraction of the work I’ve got on the HD. Just waiting for NDA’s to clear to share.

  18. Raf Sarmento says:

    I just DON”T HAVE WORDS for this dude. Seriously. Guise. Srsly.

    The cover arts, the digital experiment, everything here resonates A MOUNTAIN inside my fucked up head man. Glad to be your friend, you talented freak! ;^D

  19. Oh Raf- you are too nice to me :)
    Thanks man – if there’s any mutual resonating going on between us, I am definitely the inferior organism. I’m not sure what that means…but I FEEL it ;)
    email on the way homie

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