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About Daniol

i like drawing and painting.

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  1. I’m doubling up on the comments my friend, but this deserves it. Great job on this

  2. Mr. Mo says:

    wow man! these are beautiful! seriously!

  3. Clo says:

    huh! The first one especially is something special Dan… Great job

  4. redehlert says:

    What Clo said! Wow!!

  5. Mr.Delicious says:

    Whoa awesome, can’t wait til the next time we sex :O

  6. robin chyo says:

    wow! i really thought i was looking at some photo manips or something crazy! first one is king!

  7. Kian says:

    incredible images mate. You really nail the cast shadows! *jealous* :D

  8. 1st one is SICK, Dani..
    I`d so buy that if it were on a CD cover. or a poster. or anything else for that matter.

  9. Daniol says:

    Thank you sir scott ! Means a lot coming from you :)

    thanks mr mo !

    merci clo ! Ravis que ca te plaise :)

    thank you lord redehlert ! Where are your awesome medical illustrations ?!

    Nico *se fout a poil*

    David, oh my, i cant wait either. Furrrryyy tiiiiiimmme

    Thanks robin haha, no, nowhere near that :]

    Thanks jon !! Im tryyyiiiiing !

    Patri, thanks a lot man ! i hope the guy’s album will hit the shelves and hopefully grab some people’s attention.

  10. Aly Fell says:

    These are so classy! I love love love the top one, with the detail picked out!

  11. Dead Mello says:

    These are super cool! Definitely eye catching for an album cover. A real unique blend of design and painting…great work!

  12. zweiDee says:

    just danielicious¨!

  13. void says:

    These are incredible! I have a thing for square compositions and these are brilliant.

  14. Daniol says:

    Aly, thanks a lot man :]
    Dead mello, thanks for the compliment ! Keep doing the good stuff you’re doing :)
    Zweidee, thanks diego !
    Adam, thanks man ! yeah, they’re pretty conventional and yet so fun to use!

  15. C.R.MacTernan says:

    Baaad Aaaasssss!

  16. liam.c says:

    your a super hero man :)

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