Pilgramage to the ancient halls


This is a three part series.

I: On Broken Dragon Hill, the yearly sacrifice and tribute is made prior to the villages entering the deep of the mountain through the Ancient Halls


II: Having traversed the back of Broken Dragon Hill, the pilgrimage to the Ancient Halls grants sanctuary over the cold Winter seasons

I think this qualifies as one of my more finished illustrations (with a semi loose feel)

A few corrections after Chupabara’s feedback


Part III: Dance of the Vaults : Pending

Here is a early WIP


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  1. pd says:

    This looks amazing! I wanted to ask for a higher resolution, but when I’ve saved it, I noticed it’s just scaled down in this blog.

    My eyes keep moving around, finding interesting spots everywhere. Very well done. Love the technique as well!

  2. zweiDee says:

    I said on CA, amazing picture. love the brush work and colors.
    also great composition and focus. hah, and I see just now the little fireplace.

  3. marctaro says:

    really interesting,the contrasts between the world outside and this dark place…and neat the way you kept a lot of abstract shapes but still have an architectural feel…

  4. koshime says:

    Thanks a lot guys, I’ve updated todays thread with the two parts to the three part story

  5. Dead Mello says:

    These are super nice. You’ve worked a wide range of colours together nicely.

  6. dian3 says:

    great work!
    nice WIP too.

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  8. Nonie says:

    Wow, these are awesome! The color is beautiful.

  9. chupacabra says:

    Told you already, this shit is HOT!

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  11. liam.c says:

    awesome ! the wip is my favoirt out of the bunch , the paint defently has that super cool paint feel ! looking great !!!!!!!!!!!!

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