Painted Roses: New Paintings, New Venue

Hey everyone! I have recently finished a few more pieces in preparation for my solo show at the Epperson Gallery in Crockett, California. The Epperson Gallery is mostly known for showing local landscape painters, specifically the group of colourists known as “The Outsiders.” However, Gerald Epperson, the gallery owner, has decided to the move the gallery toward a more contemporary direction. In the past I wouldn’t have thought the gallery would be interested in exhibiting my figure work, but Gerald has been a fan of this series for so long that he wants to show it there.

“Green Ice” 8×20 in. oil on linen mounted on panel.

As with “Aorangi” and “Heliotrope”, these new paintings are moving toward a better sensitivity of the form of the model as well as the handling of the pattern. The more I do of these, the more I learn of shortcuts and streamlining of the process.

“Albertine” 10×24 in. oil on linen mounted on panel.

For the figures, rather than trying to paint the skin too thickly in the beginning, I will scrape down a lot of the transition areas between light and dark tones. The reason I do this is because I know I am going to paint a cleaner tone that will need to link the light and dark shapes together in a convincing way. In order to do this, I will need it to dry, and if the paint is too thick, the wet-on-dry paint won’t blend nearly as well.

“Chanelle” 20×16 in. oil on linen mounted on panel.

Invest in a good-quality sable if you’re going to do a lot of precision detail work. Rosemary and Co. is famous for making those mongoose-hair brushes but they also make high-quality sables as well. For the thicker areas of the patterns I use a #3 flat mongoose brush, and for the thinner areas I use a #1 sable half-rigger brush.

“Belami” 20×16 in. oil on linen mounted on panel.
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Here is a map of where the Epperson Gallery can be found. It’s not the easiest place to get to without a car, but it you have the means, it’s about a half hour away from most north Bay Area locations.

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I’m trying something new out. I sometimes run into people who, despite all of my best efforts to promote my own shows, still miss out on the show openings even when they had every intention of going. Emails end up in spam folders, tweets get missed, Facebook posts get lost in feeds, etc. Well, I have found a way to use an app called Gather to send text messages about upcoming events of mine. If you want to be notified of upcoming shows, I will send out a text a couple of days before the show to anyone who is signed up for it. Please enter your phone number and I will send a text message alert before my art shows so you can show up and have fun! I HATE text spam, so I will never send you spam/bad jokes/cat pictures, just show information. Just click on the picture below and enter your email and phone number you want the text sent to. See you at the show!

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