Nursery Tiles for Children that arent scared of the Dark


with the wonderful news that my Wife and I are expecting a baby Boy in January, led me to start a project I have wanted to for a long time.

Having also bought a house and with a nursery to decorate(!) – I have set about making a series of pictorial ceramic tiles of varying levels of spookiness.

These are my first attempts- both 6 x 8″ underglaze deocation on bisque tiles.

The Ratcatcher-

The Insect Eater-

The last was more of a test for including lustres in the decoration- and lots more experimenting to come!


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  1. Daleus says:


    Congra-ratz on the newly announced babe! For gods sake, don’t call him Dale :/

    Love the tile of the Insect Eater ;) – very cute! And, I’m still rockin’ the Fez shirts, still getting admiring comments.

    May you and yours rock forever!

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