You miss me?

Here’s something for the new year.

Hugs and kisses.

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About Troy Galluzzi

Troy Galluzzi AKA skullsquid is a San Francisco based illustrator and concept artist. For more work please refer to: and

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  1. crowley says:

    Well, that would be a massive yes. I mean, damn, these colors, that composition. Damn.

  2. Heh, sup Crowley, how have you been?

  3. Tom Scholes says:

    Nice man ! I think I like the font just as much as everything else. Nice nice.

  4. Rod luff says:

    sexy painting man! Great work. Hope you’re well!

  5. Brun says:

    Great work man! Is this for the metal band Nile?

  6. Thanks guys!

    Brun: Yeah but it’s not real, I just wanted to make something for them.

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