New Year’s (R)evolution

Hey guys! Thought it was high time that I put some images up on the blog. Here’s some doodles/studies I’ve done in the past couple of days. I’m really trying to improve my linework and how I approach stylising things:

More to come soon!



About oishiiniku

Concept artist from the UK working in Southern California. Available for freelance work: oishiiniku(AT)

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  1. Björn Hurri says:

    these are all great!

    Love me all, please continue posting man!


  2. Sergio Lopez says:

    These are great dude! Love em!

  3. Gregory says:

    Good faces, nice ink, you can tell good stories with those images. The “boxing” draws are a bit less effecient IMO. Sure the inking plays still nice but some some draws are not as good as others (left dude, big central dude). Some working moves thus.

  4. Christine MacTernan says:

    Good stuff!! Please post more. ;D

  5. cotron says:

    love the civil war dudes!

  6. iolarnula says:

    seriously awesome moustachios, love your linework!

  7. DavePalumbo says:

    wow, these are great! excellent use of white, so much restraint!

  8. Cody Tilson says:

    That first batch of faces are really nice. Great lines.

  9. Great! I really enjoy looking at these. :D

  10. elgatonegro says:

    Really fresh stuff, i enjoy them very much !!

  11. Coz says:

    Great work man!

  12. redehlert says:

    Yeah…I totally dig these and love the surface you’re working on to allow crisp highlights and subtle coloring to reign supreme. Looking forward to MORE!

  13. nenent says:

    very beutifull ! i love all.

  14. zweiDee says:

    awesome style and line art!

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