New Life

Hey Gorillas.. just popping in to say hi and post a little something I spent a few nights on this week.


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  1. Cos Koniotis says:

    I love it, beautiful lighting!

  2. Kan Muftic says:

    Very, very cool Nigel!

  3. crowley says:

    Damn, that green is mesmerizing. I love the lighting too.

  4. Just saw this on your blog – killer piece Nigel! That green just feels SO right ;)

  5. Rodrigo says:

    powerful stuff nigel, love it. Its quite similar to a piece I started last year (only WAAAY better!!!)

  6. Dead Mello says:

    Hey guys…

    Cos – Thanks so much, really happy you like the lighting!
    Kan – Glad you like it, man…cheers!
    Crowley – Hey, thanks…I’m glad the green got you mesmerized…I’m always blown away by your colours.
    Scott – Cheers my friend! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!
    Rod – Thanks!!! I have a lot of trouble believing its better than yours though ;-)

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