Neon Dragon

Hi everyone…
I thought I’d post this piece I’ve been chipping away at for the last month or so. I got alot of really great feedback from alot of you along the way – so thanks very much!


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  1. Clo says:

    This is great! Cool to see the improvement since the first wip too!

  2. Came out awesome Nigel! Definitely worth the extra sweat and hours :)

  3. Coz says:

    Turned out fantastic man, great work!

  4. Awesome! I’m a fan of all the artists who post their work here. Consgratulations people!

  5. liam.c says:

    i love all yoru neon street sceens and this one is no exception !

  6. Dead Mello says:

    You guys are awesome! Thanks so much…

  7. redehlert says:

    Now that is hip! Nicely handled neon…just a touch more linear dodge in the center of those and they’d be mint. Oh, and some artifact since neon glow isn’t perfectly linear. :)
    I dig all the work and effort in this!!!

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