mostly girls

Here’s just some stuff from a pretty jacked up old moleskine book. I have’nt really been on speaking terms with traditional work lately, sketchbooks especially.. but lately I’ve started enjoying it alot more. Here’s a few sketches, thanks for looking!! As always, click to enlarge!


(ps, please tell me if scan quality is all jacked up. looks weird on my laptop)

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  1. emilyg says:

    Beautiful girls!! The demon girl is looking especially nice. Very nice to see these sketches from the little book. :)

  2. hey man. nice LINES. i really like your LINES, dood. The girls are great. especially their LINES!! ;) ;)

    sorry about my sarcastic TONE. Its pretty poor FORM hey. Its a different SHADE of character that comes out every so often. Its a MASSive problem sometimes!

    Haha no but seriously – good to see you in the books again. Pencil is a lovely medium and you are doing it justice! Just don’t be affeared to get a bit loose, sketchy, and experimental when you can :) Diggin it dude.
    Loves! A

  3. really nice work. the lines are clean and solid. that trio on the upper left post is my fav.
    they`re gorgeous. ;)

    good job!


  4. Main Loop says:

    For some reason I like those rocks the best, lol. I dunno, I just think they’re really well composed. My favorite girl is the last page.

  5. brun says:


    Great stuff dude, u should show more of your sketches

  6. void says:

    Great work dude! MORE!

  7. Clo says:

    Sweet ! I like the girls face! :) They often look like the same girl though, but a nice one! ;)

  8. these are beautiful man – looks like your drawing is getting even better

  9. Kian says:

    Top work bruv. moar pwease

  10. ooOOooO i love love love it! Great stuffz any color in the plans?

  11. Daniol says:

    Yup ! Share more lorenman !

  12. Great Loren! I love the tree and element sketches the best.
    Keep them coming. :D

  13. Awesome Loren, I really like these sketches, you should post more of these.

  14. Zord says:

    Vurry nice, dude. I second what Adam mentioned about not being affeared to get loose and sketchy. These pages are nice but i’m definitely more interested in what you can do if you just went nuts on the pages :)

  15. Interceptor says:

    You guys are the best! Thanks for all the comments and crits! Love you all :)

  16. Donk says:

    2 words.
    there is more to drawing noses than 2 quick flicks of the pencil.
    keep up with the line confidence dood :}

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