Moar dirtiness on Dirty Sunday!

Dirty Sunday has been such a huge success!! You guys are rising the bar too high for me…
Here’s a bit of an ink doodle I made for the occasion! :D


About Victoria Maderna

I’m a full-time freelance illustrator based in Toledo, Spain (originally from Argentina). I like drawing animals and children and silly creatures, and I am addicted to comics and books.

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  1. Clo says:

    hehhehe that ‘s sweet!!! I love the bra on the ear detail! Looks like their clothes have been litterally blown away!

  2. Julien Alday says:

    Next dirty sunday, we should make a collab, Vic.
    I’ll bring the croissant, you can bring your bidet !
    Happy Dirty Sunday !
    Lapin ! :)

  3. brun says:

    this one is really great, i love the details

    great work Vic !!!

  4. iolarnula says:

    really like this style, fits yer humour goods :)

  5. Vorace says:

    haha loving their faces!

  6. Heheheh! Wow, this came out good, did you just whip this out?? Why did that sound dirty?

  7. devin platts says:

    Vic, you really captured something special in this one! hahahahha :D

  8. Main Loop says:

    haha wow this is great I love it!

  9. liam.c says:

    man yah thats great !

  10. robin chyo says:

    hahaa. this made me chuckle a lots! :p very cute!

  11. DavePalumbo says:

    hahahaha, awesome :)

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